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Glastonbury hotels

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George and Pilgrims  1 High Street, Glastonbury   BA6 9DP

The George & Pilgrim Hotel is situated in the beautiful town of Glastonbury. Founded in the early 15th century, the hotel has welcomed people for over 500 years. The oldest purpose built Inn...

Chestnuts Boutique B&B  Chestnuts Bove Town, Glastonbury   BA6 8JG

Nestled within the heart of Glastonbury, this bed and breakfast sits atop a positive ley-line and benefits from stunning panoramic views over the Vale of Avalon ensuring an over-all fantastic... aims to encourage residents and visitors to North Dorset to do more locally - find good food and drink locally, source services locally, support local enterprises, make like-minded contacts locally, be entertained locally.